Countdown Calendar - Day 8 - DIY Puzzle

Posted by Sarah Baumbach on

DIY Puzzle

Countdown Calendar - Day 8 - DIY Puzzle - 2022

Today you are going to design your own puzzle! Think about what you would like to draw and if you want you can practice on a piece of scrap paper.


Once you decide on your design, you can use markers to draw on the puzzle. 


I drew a little house with smoke coming out of the chimey. I added lots of trees in the background and wrote "All Is Calm" at the bottom. 


As always, when you're drawing a picture. Think about the shapes that make up what you're trying to draw. For example, when you look at the house I drew, you can see a square with a triangle on top. There are 2 square windows with 4 little squares inside. The chimney is a rectangular shape with a small rectangle on top. Drawing is so much easier when you think about shapes!


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