Countdown Calendar - Day 23 - Faux Stained Glass Project

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Faux Stained Glass Project

Countdown Calendar - Day 23 - Faux Stained Glass Project




1 - Tear (or cut) the tissue paper into small pieces and keep the colors separated. 

2 - Fold your contact paper in half evenly. Peel the backing off one side of the contact paper. Lay down the contact paper with the sticky part face up. 

3 - Lay your black outline FACE DOWN onto the sticky side of the contact paper. Try to put the black outline directly in the center so that there is a border of contact paper around the edge. 

4 - Use your tissue paper pieces to fill in the gaps of your black outline. Make sure to stay inside the black outer square. 

5 - When you are happy with your colorful design you will now seal it with the other piece of contact paper. Remove the backing from the contact paper and place it STICKY SIDE DOWN on top of your design. 6 - Press down and smooth out the contact paper to make sure everything is sticking. You can even use a credit card as a squeegee for this step. 

7 - Trim the edges of the contact paper. Leave a small contact paper border around the outside edge so that your design stays sealed. Do not cut directly against the black border.

8 - You can tape your finished design to a window or add string and hang your design like an ornament.


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