Countdown Calendar - Day 20 - Felt Penguin Pennant

Posted by Sarah Baumbach on

Felt Penguin Pennant

Today we have another project that can be used as a winter decoration all season long!

Countdown Calendar - Day 20 - Felt Penguin Pennant - 2022



  1. Start by cutting out all the pieces of the paper penguin template (it was inside your welcome letter).
  2. Next, use the paper templates to trace and cut out the pieces of the felt.
  3. Fold down the top of your blue felt so that it makes a long “pocket” and glue it in place. This is where the wooden dowel rod will be inserted.
  4. Now you can assemble your penguin on the blue pennant and glue all those pieces.
  5. Glue the pom poms on the pennant to make it look like it’s snowing!
  6. Slide the dowel into the pocket of the blue pennant and tie string or yarn to each end of the dowel rod.
  7. Hang your pennant!


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