Countdown Calendar - Day 2 - Reindeer Ornament

Posted by Sarah Baumbach on

Reindeer Ornament

I loved seeing your photos from Day 1! This little ornament is too cute, I hope you like it!

Reindeer Ornament - Countdown Calendar - Day 2 - 2022


1. You can start by taking the silver top off the clear ornament.

2. Add the brown crinkle paper to the inside of the ornament.

3. Use scissors to cut one of the brown pipe cleaners in half.

4. Put the uncut brown pipe cleaner around the top of the ornament and twist to secure. Add the silver top back on the ornament.

5. Use the two halves of the brown pipe cleaner that you cut in half, to make the points on the antlers.

6. Use glue, glue dots, or your favorite adhesive to stick the the google eyes and red nose to your reindeer.

7. Add the string to your ornament and you're all finished!


I'd love to see your reindeer! If you have Facebook or Instagram, post a picture and tag @MakerStudio814


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