Countdown Calendar - Day 16 - Santa Gnome Ornament

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Santa Gnome Ornament

Countdown Calendar - Day 16 - Santa Gnome Ornament - 2022

How adorable is this little Santa Gnome? With just a few materials and a few steps you'll have your own little Santa Gnome!



1. Before we get started, you'll need an empty toilet paper tube and a plastic card like a library card or credit/debit card.


2. Cut pieces of red yarn to about 6" in length.


3. Cut the toilet paper tube so you're left with a 1" tube.


4. Now, you're going to make Lark's Head Knots the whole way around the toilet paper tube. To make this knot you're going to fold one piece of red yarn in half and put the folded end through the toilet paper tube. Then put the tail through the red loop and keep pulling until the yarn is snug against the toilet paper tube. See picture below.


Lark's Head Knot - Step By Step

5. After you get completely around the toilet paper tube, you're going to use a piece of yarn to tie the ends together to make the top of the hat! It should look like a pom pom! You can trim the pom pom if you want or leave the yarn a little longer.


6. Now it's time to make Santa Gnome's beard. (We're making a sort of pom pom). Cut a piece of white yarn, about 5" long. Lay that across on top of the plastic card (long side). Now, wrap the remaining amount of white yarn around the plastic card (short side). After all the white yarn is wrapped, take the first piece of white yarn and tie a knot as tightly as you can! We don't want any of the pieces to come out.


7. After you tie your knot, you're going to carefully slide all the yarn off the plastic card. You want to carefully cut all the loops so that they hang free. In the picture you can see the bottom of the beard is where the loops were cut.


8. Now you can glue the hat on top of the beard. (If you don't want to glue it, you could tie it to one of the inside strings of the hat. (OPTIONAL: if you want, you can add a cotton ball to the inside of the hat before you glue the beard on. This will make the hat fuller.)


9. Now you can glue the wood bead to the white yarn as Santa's nose. If you don't want to glue it you could actually tie it using two of the white strings.


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