Countdown Calendar - Day 15 - Gingerbread House

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Gingerbread House
Reminder! You will need an empty toilet paper tube for our project tomorrow!
Countdown Calendar - Day 15 - Gingerbread House - 2022

Today you are making a Gingerbread House out of your gable box from project #12. It might be easier to flatten the box to work on this project.


First, decide if you would like to cut doors or windows in your house. You'll want to make any cuts to your box before you move on to the details.


Then use crayons, colored pencils, or makers to draw some details. It's fun to use a white crayon or white colored pencil on the kraft paper gable box.


Lastly, add any embellishments like stickers, string, pipe cleaners, etc to your gingerbread house! You could even use things from around your house like cotton balls for snow!


You could add a battery operated tea light or fairy lights to the inside of your Gingerbread House if you want!


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