Countdown Calendar - Day 11 - String Art Ornament

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String Art Ornament

Countdown Calendar - Day 10 - String Art Ornament - 2022
String art projects are so fun because you get to use tools like hammers and nails to make art! It's also so cool to be able to incorporate natural wood into your art project.


1. Use a pencil to mark where you want your nails to go. We're going to make a triangle and this is how I placed my dots.

2. Start with the base of the triangle and make spots for the 4 nails at the bottom. They're in a straight, horizontal line at the bottom and just make sure to space them evenly.

3. Then make the top dot. (You can visualize where this one will go by looking at the bottom 4 dots you just made, find the middle, and go straight up!). 

4. Now you'll make the diagonal lines on the sides. Each side has two more nails. Space those evenly between the top dot and the bottom left dot Then do the same thing on the other side using the top dot and the bottom right dot.

5. You will have 9 dots total.

6. Now you will hammer the nails into your marked spaces. Only hammer the nails about half way so that you have space to wrap the string.

7. Now it's time for the string! Tie a knot around one of the nails using the green string. Then you can wrap the string around each nail going back and forth across the tree. When you're happy with how your tree looks, tie another knot to secure your string.

8. It's time for the star at the top! Use a small piece of string to tie the star to the top nail OR use glue to add your star directly onto your piece of wood.

9. The last step is to add string to your ornament so that you can hang it!


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