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Interior Design + Doll House Summer Camp

Regular price $150.00

Interior Design + Doll House Camp!

Ever wanted to design your own room? Why not a whole house?! Campers will get to design a 4-room doll house in a style that is completely their own! From floor to ceiling, interior to exterior, and even accessories. This camp is going to be a blast!

Even if you're not into playing with dolls, this camp gives kids a chance to be creative and express themselves in a unique way. Turn your house into a castle or superhero headquarters! The house can even be hung on the wall and used as a decoration or book shelf.

Monday, July 5 - Friday, July 9

9am to 12pm 

Recommended Ages: 5 - 14 years old

Camp Price: $150 per child

Instructor: Maker Studio Team

Questions? Please Contact MakerStudio814@gmail . com

Children can be dropped off at the studio up to 10 minutes before their session starts and can be picked up from the studio within 10 minutes after the camp ends. Parents are welcome to stay at the studio but will be asked to remain in the parent lounge while the camp is in session.