Countdown Calendar - Day 22 - Polar Bear, Felt Cup Cozy

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Polar Bear, Felt Cup Cozy

Countdown Calendar - Day 22 - Polar Bear Felt Cup Cozy - 2022


Using felt is so much fun because you can do so many things with it! Today you are going to make a cup cozy!


  1. Find a cup you want to use with your cup cozy. (I used my water bottle like in the picture but you can use a mug, glass, plastic cup, etc).
  2. Place your felt around the cup to get an idea of where you would like the ears of your polar bear to be.
  3. Using a pencil, draw 2 upside down ‘U’s’ about a half inch from the top of the white felt. I placed the inside lines of each ‘U’ about 1 inch apart.
  4. Now, from the bottom of the upside down ‘U’ draw a straight line the whole length of your white pieces of felt. (We are cutting off the top part of the felt but the “U’s” will become the ears).
  5. Now cut out two small black circles and one black circle that is just a little bigger for the nose.
  6. Now cut the gray piece of felt in half. Use one half of the gray piece of felt to cut an oval but try to make the bottom of the oval just a little wider than the top. (Sort of like an egg shape!)
  7. Use the second piece of gray felt to cut a half circle that fits inside the ears. 
  8. Now you can glue all your pieces of felt to make the face and also glue the back seam of your cup cozy.
  9. You can use a black find point maker to draw a line from the nose straight down and then for the mouth.
  10. Use your cup cozy or you can give it as a gift!


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