Countdown Calendar - Day 1 - Melty Bead Snowflake

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Melty Bead Snowflake

The time has come... December 1st! It's time to start our crafting adventure with this snowflake made with beads. You can turn your snowflake into an ornament, zipper pull, or package topper!

Countdown Calendar - Day 01 - Melty Bead Snowflake (2022)


1. You can use the snowflake design as a guide for your snowflake.

2. Arrange the beads on the peg board just like the design template or you can change things up and make it your own!

3. With adult supervision, set your iron on a medium setting. Carefully place the sheet of ironing paper on top of your beads.

4. Begin to iron the beads in a circular motion for 10-20 seconds. Don't press too hard or your beads might shift.

5. Your beads will melt together. Once your beads are cool, peel away the ironing paper. (If your beads aren't fully melted, replace the ironing paper and iron the beads that aren't melted.

6. Allow to cool completely.

7. You can add the read and white string from your Countdown Calendar bag or find a different string that you like!

Remember... I'm always just a click away! If you need help with any of the projects or just want to show-off your hard work, feel free to message me on IG, FB or send an email.


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