Day 19 - 24 Day Countdown Calendar - Penguin Peg Dolls

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Penguin Peg Dolls

Day 19 - 24 Day Countdown Calendar - Penguin Peg Dolls - 2021
Happy Sunday! These Penguin Peg Dolls might be the most 'technical' project this year but don't worry... I have some ideas for adapting this activity for all skill levels!
1. Kiddos enjoy playing with peg dolls even if they are unpainted. You can help them create a fun scene using paper or a box and let them run wild with their imagination.
2. If you want to add features but don't want to use paint, permanent markers work well on these peg dolls. Just be careful because sometimes the marker bleeds into the wood grain. Otherwise, this simple design would work well with markers.
3. The Countdown Calendar is all about family time so a parent or older sibling can paint the dolls while the kiddos draw and color a scene.
4. If you want to try painting, here are a few tips on how I painted the penguin peg dolls. Click Here For The Paper Instructions


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